Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Peeps Meets Demise!!

We got featured on the NBC LA food blog, Feast! Check it out:

Emily Kitlas of I Heart Pies launched her burgeoning made-to-order pie, cake, tart and bar business just before Thanksgiving three years ago after the sweet treat champion graduating from Le Cordon Bleu.

“Pies are the top,” Kitlas proclaims of her culinary obsession. “Pie and tarts are really what I love to eat myself. You can eat a piece of pie and just be happy. I love that.” Over the years, Kitlas has mastered a multitude of baked delights, from decedent Red Velvet Cake to the most addictive Meyer Lemon Bars imaginable, but asked if she has any personal favorites, she coos, “Apple crumb. Or pecan pie. Oh! A strawberry fig we do. I love it! That’s my favorite.”

Specially for Easter,I-Heart-Pies has rolled out a dessert that will surely make a mama proud. It’s a Peeps Pie. That’s right, from those florescent chicks that stare you down from the aisles of Rite-Aid, Kitlas has devised a cloud like confection that could make the Easter Bunny green with envy.

She begins by melting Peeps in a double boiler, then folds the rendered golden marshmallow goodness in with whipped cream and bits of chocolate and pours it over graham cracker crust. “You’d think it’d be really rich but it’s fluffy and light,” Kitlas says. The one downside of the pie? Watching the Peeps meet their demise.

I Heart Pies is available through email special order only: Large Pie: $20, Four Mini Pies: $10


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