Monday, May 21, 2007

kids chocolate cake!

check it out! cake covered completely in modeling chocolate! milk, dark and white chocolate.
i went with a magical theme, hope you enjoy!

pastillage painted with cocoa powder! ooo!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

celebration cake

a birthday cake for me! yay!
pretty much a big petite four...

cake covered with poured fondant.

marzipan buds and scalloped edges.

marzipan roses with leaves.

a plated piece.
vanilla cake with cassis italian buttercream

inside shot

Thursday, May 10, 2007

centerpiece and cake decoration class

i started a new class on monday. worked on this french wedding cake called croquembouche.
first picture is what my chefs created, underneath is what me and a classmate created... definitely felt like i was on a food network challenge with this creation. our base broke when we were almost finished with the piece, but it turned out alright even with our set backs. very difficult is all i have to say. :)

final plated exam

all created and designed by myself. plated on my lovely plates!

chocolate raspberry almond torte

strawberry raspberry frozen souffle

chocolate decadence: layers of chocolate mousse and chantilly creme. topped with tempered chocolate

pirate ship cake

i helped my friend leigh's sorority with a pirate ship cake for their fraternity-friends bake off. even though the day was extremely hot and sunk the cake. the boys still won the bake off cause the cake rocked! yay!

awesome cake!
blue marizpan for out for the sharks and fish!

pirates and pirate booty (aka rolos)

skull and cross bones made out of marzipan.

pirate, root beer barrels, and malt ball bombs

candles for canyons.

more plated desserts

strawberry panna cotta with tempered chocolate and strawberry fan.

phyllo peach tart

vanilla pastry cream in puff pastry with blueberries.

apple tarte tatin. the picture came out horrible.
the apple pieces are shaped as a flower topped with a quenelle of apple cider sobet and apple crisp.

coconut sorbet with spiced pineapple pieces. strawberry dipped in chocolate sprinkled with coconut.