Thursday, June 28, 2007

gingerbread house!

for this project, my friend anna and i worked together on a massive gingerbread mansion! we used teddy grahams to for inspiration and went with it :) hope you enjoy!!
the front of the house

too much speed ... and hes down!

fun times on the slopes!

enjoying the hot tub!

in the back, making out!!

the back

chocolate box

this first chocolate box was my practice, but it came out much better than the second one below...

this second box was graded... wasnt too happy with the outcome... didnt have enough time...

stef's bday!

My friend stef had her birthday dinner at an Indian restaurant, so I made some chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with a white piece of fondant and some pipping with leftover chocolate cassis filling from the chocolates i made earlier that week... check them out!


The first try at making chocolates... some have cassis filling, others have orange filling..

Monday, June 4, 2007

wedding cake!!

here she is! the finished wedding cake! hope you enjoy!

pastillage swans

all flowers are handmade out of gum paste and colored with petal and luster dust

piped royal icing decorations