Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing's better than Chocolate Chips!

I received an order for Chocolate Chips ... so I had to make a FULL batch :)

Topped them with Pink Himalayan Salt ... DELICIOUS!!

I made them in three sizes.
Tiny (1/2 ounce), Medium (1 ounce) and Large (3 ounces)!

The large ones are nice and chewy on the inside and crispy on the out!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Strawberry Mousse

I was commissioned to make this Strawberry Mousse Birthday Cake for a Post Production Company!

A moist vanilla cake filled with strawberry mousse and covered with both vanilla buttercream and more strawberry mousse! Divine!

Only in California can you find fresh strawberries in the farmers market in JANUARY!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Charles Phoenix's Cherpumple & The Cherpumple Trifle

A couple nights before Christmas, Nick showed me this awesome video created by Charles Phoenix called The Cherpumple (WATCH IT!!)

We were instantly motivated and came up with our own adaption!
We created the Cherpumple Trifle!!

Layers of Spiced cake, Whipped cream, Pumpkin pie filling, Cranberry pie filling, and Chocolate mousse!!

This is me serving the Cherpumple Trifle!

***After Christmas I posted our triumph onto Charles Phoenix's website. They not only created a page for our submission, but Charles Phoenix himself responded to it!!

"What can I say????….I think this is BRILLIANT and truly inspired!" - Charles Phoenix

I Heart Pies Thanksgiving and Christmas 2009 Sales

I Heart Pies was VERY successful with our 2009 Holiday sales! Thanks to all that ordered!

Thanksgiving Menu:
Apple Crumb Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie

Apple Crumbs cooling....

For our Christmas Sale we started offering 9" pies AND debuted our 3" mini pies!!
We also added 2 new pies to the menu!
Chocolate Mousse Pie AND Cranberry Meringue Pie!

Cranberry Meringue is said to taste like "... a cherry pie and a key lime pie made a delicious baby!" - Nicholas C.

Mini Cranberry Meringue pies without the meringue....

Kettle Korn!

I heart Kettle Korn!

Such an adventure trying to get behind this guy for a picture!

Love it!

KCRW's 1st Annual Good Food Pie Contest

November 14, 2009

I entered into my first ever pie contest. It was KCRW Good Food's first pie contest too.
They definitely need to improve on a lot of aspects for next year's contest (in my humble opinion). But it was a learning experience for all.

I entered into all four categories:
  1. Fruit/ Nut Pie
  2. Cream/ Custard/ Chiffon/ Mousse Pie
  3. Savory Pie
  4. Interpretive Pie

There was a HUGE turn out. Look at all those PIES!

Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW "Good Food" radio show, hosted the contest.

Here is Eric Greenspan - Chef & Owner of The Foundry on Melrose tasting one of my pies.
All the ribbons.....

Although none of my pies won a ribbon, my Chocolate Mousse Pie came in as a Semi-Finalist! Yay!

Here is Nick's beautiful pie he created. It's a Purple Potato and Red Onion Pie with Homemade Ricotta Cheese!

Here's the classic - Apple Crumb Pie

And for the interpretive, I created a Boston Cream PIE.
There are two layers of Pastry Cream with a slice of vanilla cake between and Chocolate Glaze covering the top! And of course its encased in a pie crust! Intense!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heidi and Jeff's Wedding Celebration

140 Cupcakes + One 6 inch Cake = Totally Vegan!

My amazing sister, Heidi and my new Brother-In-Law, Jeff tied the knot on October 10, 2009!!
Their ceremony & celebration overlooked their new hometown of Beacon, New York. It was a cool, crisp and a little windy, but absolutely beautiful day!

Overlooking the Hudson River... just beautiful!
Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing, topped with fresh Raspberries and Blackberries!
That's me standing next to my masterpiece!
(My 91 year old Grandmother is standing to the left!)
Heidi and Jeff cutting into their cake!

Heidi's Bridal Shower

My sister, Heidi's Bridal shower was just beautiful!
My Mom, Liz and I created a wonderful spread full of food and sweets!

I created an array of fruit tarts with mangos, figs, strawberries, papaya, and kiwi.

And, of course.... savory food!

Liz's divine green bean salad!

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese with cucumber sandwiches!

Mom's famous rice salad in endives!
September 2009

Strawberry Fig Pie

Strawberry Fig Pie. Just Cause.

August 2009

Chocolate Pavlova

For one of our many BBQ's during August 2009, I created this amazing Chocolate Pavlova with fresh farmers market strawberries, whipped cream and topped with chocolate glaze.

Rich. Decadent. A must.

Pie, Ice Cream and Wine!

The best dessert ever has to be an individual peach pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
Nick and I brought the pie, Ken & Phil provided the wine and unexpected ice cream!
Just perfect!

August 2009

Popcorn Mafia Live Podcast with Andy Dick!

I Heart Pies catered Popcorn Mafia's Live podcast guest starring Andy Dick!
So much fun! Many thanks to the gal's over at the Mafia!

The official debut of our MINI pies!
Blueberry with Almond crumb mini pies! Divine!

The best Chocolate Chip Cookie sprinkled with sea salt!
May 2009

Easter 2009 Sale

Easter 2009 Sale!

I Heart Pies Table!

The famous Peeps Pie!

This is my family's Easter tradition. A sweet bread with a hard boiled egg in the center! Yum!

The beautiful dyed hard boiled eggs!

Valentine's Day 2009 Sale

Valentine's Day 2009 Sale!
Got together with a couple of local vendors and had a party!

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Garnished with candied edible flowers or lemon peel.

Chocolate Flourless Cake covered in Chocolate Glaze. Garnished with candied edible flower.

The set up!

The original I Heart Pies Apple Crumb Pie!

Yay for all things sweet!

Christmas 2008 Sale

Set up shop at a friend's Christmas Craft Sale. I Heart Pies sold Rice Krispie Treats drizzled in dark chocolate, Dark Chocolate covered pretzels and Dark Chocolate covered Oreos. So much fun!