Tuesday, February 13, 2007


welcome everyone!
yes, im very very new at this blogging thing. i never ever thought i would do such a thing. but what the heck. check back later for more yummy postings!

paris brest. pate a choux circles, chocolate lined, praline pastry cream folded with chantilly cream, topped with powdered sugar. just divine!

vanilla panna cotta. imagine some raspberries around them!

rice pudding. we were told to use short grain rice without pre-cooking it. big mistake! one hour standing at the stove trying to soften the rice and still came out hard. so sad


Heidi said...

This is so exciting! and 'boot scootin' good'!!!!! I'll be checking daily :-) hyde

Ed said...

What a great way to show your stuff and boy do you have great stuff to show. But one question I thought it was Willa now I see Willia. What gives? POPS

em said...

ah! yes, so right pops... thanks!

Big Nick said...

...first hand experience, it's delicious!

Mary B said...

the choix circles look sooo amazing

Joon said...

I think you need a personal taster for all of your creations, no??
I elect...ME!
-love- Joon