Wednesday, February 21, 2007

frozen goodnesses

finally we are getting into plating desserts and creating some fun looking products! enjoy!

charlotte royal.
sponge cake with raspberry filling on the outside.
vanilla bavarian cream with a passion fruit and mango bomb on the inside.
lined with chopped pistachios.

inside shot.

plated design.

riboon sponge with cassis mousse.

inside shot....still frozen.

plated design.


Carmen said...



Anonymous said... do beautiful if you could only get the entenmann's cheese danish down...

Mary B said...

i check this site daily in hopes of amazing updates such as this. That school is paying off em, there are no words to describe how f'in brilliat your creations are

p-->e said...

holy raspberry spirals, Batman! It's beauty-mania. BEAUTY-MANIA!!!

Gina said...

Delicious, the designs are beautiful. I never knew you were so talented! Actually, yes I did.

Ed said...

Damn...the colors...the design...the creativity..Are you really working in food or is this some other material..These are modern art pieces..Come clean my EMMIE

Your Bro Josh said...

dunno what to say other than WOW. Never thought purple cake would look so inviting. You've taken baking to a whole nother level! Well Done!

Joon said...

I love that purple swirl cake -so cool! By the way, my birthday is coming up (3/28) and that cake would be very my belly!