Monday, March 19, 2007


i was very impressed with saturday's products! the carrot cake was to die for and the sacher torte was absolutely delicious! :D

wonderful carrot cake with cream cheese icing, walnuts lining the sides, and of course marzipan carrots topping each piece.

piece for you!

inside shot.

sacher torte. chocolate sponge with apricot spread and chocolate glaze!


inside shot of glory.


Gina said...

I thought those carrots were real. I cannot wait for the day to taste these. One DAY!

Anonymous said...

Have you any idea how difficult it is to just LOOK at all these wonders???? I'd say a double WOW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it! :( Beautiful work, Em.

Josh Kitlas said...

Delicious! Double delicious

A Drop Dead Star said...

hmmmm I had some of that cake tonight...and a while ago.....hmmmmm i love carrot cake esp. when it's made by kitty!

mary b